Wednesday, February 9, 2011

News That Is Suspending aka Why I'm Behind on Things To Do

Hey everyone,

Some of you may have noticed I haven't really been around in the past week or at least anyone who has left a comment with a question or a request to fix one of the links.

The reason I have been on the absent side is because we've had a tragedy on the homefront, it's not something I really want to get into details about or discuss, but it's bad enough that it is affecting
everyone and I really haven't felt like posting or commenting or doing any thing else. I will get to every thing though, don't worry. I have all the notifications saved in my email address, it might just take about another week or a bit more before I both find the time and am up to it.

So everyone keep doing what you're doing, keep posting your links, your comments, requests, and reviews and eventually I will fix what has to be fixed and catch up again.

Take care everyone and happy reading.