*Notice For 2012 Challenges*

2012 Challenges Has a New Home

If you're wondering about these challenges for 2012 and beyond you need not look any further. I'm now hosting them over at my main site, Bookish Ardour, and yes sign ups are already being accepted!

I'm re-hosting some, letting a couple go, and adding new ones. There's also an updated FAQ you might want to check out here and that will also take you to the new challenges for 2012.

2011 Challenges and the BA Reading Challenges Blog

If you're wondering what's going to happen with the BA Reading Challenges blog, it will stay, but it will not be in use. Everyone's links from 2011 will be exported and posted into the challenge pages here so they are easier for everyone to find.

Important Notice Concerning Accepting Links for 2011

While this blog is closing, links for reviews and completion posts from 2011 will still be accepted until the end of January 2012. Afterwards the Mr Linkys will be taken down and the links will be exported.

2011 Challenges Are Still Important! 

In all my madness of organising for next year it may appear as if the 2011 challenges are falling by the wayside. They are not! I get pretty focused and maybe a little obsessed when a new project comes along, but this year's challenges are not over yet, there's still time to join in, review, complete, and most importantly READ!

I think you've all been doing a fantastic job and whether you'll reach your goal this year or not, the main thing is that you enjoyed yourself and hopefully discovered something new to read.