Monday, December 13, 2010

BA's Birthday Giveaway and Wow

Hey everyone, I'm going to be having a giveaway later this week, but first let me say wow! I just noticed that there are now over 50 followers and I keep forgetting how many have signed up for all of the challenges because there are now that many signing up I am having a hard time keeping track!
I never dreamed more then a few at maximum would sign up so this is awesome. I really look forward to seeing how everyone fares, checking out any reviews if you do any, and pretty much just interacting with all of you.

In other news - With my main blog it is coming up to almost a year since I created it and I decided to have a birthday celebration by awarding someone a freebie. It won't start till Thursday 10am AEDT, but it is international, and I already have a post up (the actual competition page won't be up till Thursday) with more information about it and a Facebook Event page to get the word out because I like the idea of as many people finding out as possible and being given the chance to win a free book!

That's pretty much what this post is about. It doesn't matter if you've read my blog before or haven't, it doesn't matter if you follow it or don't, and don't want to, you're very welcome to join in and I wanted to let you all know about it so if you're interested just pop on over to Bookish Ardour between Thursday and Sunday, follow the instructions that I will post, and see how you go! Good luck for everyone who joins in!