Monday, November 7, 2011

2012 Challenges & Closing This Blog Update

Hey everyone! I have some updates!


As I mentioned in this post I planned on moving the challenges here to my website Bookish Ardour. Well I've gone ahead and done that. I'm already accepting sign ups!

I've gotten rid of a couple, but replaced them with new ones, and kept a few of the older ones. So now it will be Off The Shelf!, Get Steampunked!, Dystopia, Free Reads, and Go Indie.

If you want to check out the challenges, sign up, and read the updated FAQ, you can do so here.

This Blog 

Now, what's going on with this blog? I will be closing it, so to speak, in that I won't be posting here or hosting challenges. However, I will be leaving it here for everyone's links from 2011. I'm going go be exporting all your links and pasting them into the posts so they're easier to find, including in search engines, which hopefully means more traffic for you even though the links are old!

2011 Challenges

You can still join in until the last two weeks of December, if you think you can read enough books in that time.

When it comes to accepting links for reviews and completion posts, that will be open until the end of January 2012. After that I will be taking down the Mr Linky widgets and then exporting all the links. So you have until the end of January to get your posts and links sorted out.

Thanks guys, and thank you so much for everyone who participated, including those of who have shared the challenges around in forums and on other websites. I appreciate all your effort and everything you've done! It's been a very interesting experience and I hope you join in again next year!