Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Planning For Next Year and This Blog

Hey guys!

I thought I'd drop in with some updates and let you all in on the plans I have for the future of this blog.

So I've got my main book blog over at Bookish Ardour, which has now turned into a group effort so I can take more time to write, but that also means extra goodies going on over there.  I've added a few new features, giveaways and events, two new memes, to the blog and plan on moving these challenges over there as well.

It won't be for this year's though, only for next years, which I'm already setting up to start taking sign ups and all that jazz  (last year I started in September for these ones, talk about eager!). If you want to take part next year you can start checking it out soon. I'll continue Off The Shelf, Dystopia, and Steampunk next year, but I'm ending The Comic Challenge, and The Century Challenge. I'll be adding two new ones though to replace them.

All the challenges will still be crossover and blogless friendly. They'll also be eBook, graphic novel friendly, and short story friendly! Oh, and I will still be using Mr Linky as well so it'll be nice and easy.

As for this year's challenges - this blog will be staying open. After December I'll put a 'hey we've moved' notice up, but I'm still going to accept your reviews of books for 2011 and completion posts all the way to the end of January.

As for your links, I'll be exporting them and then posting them on this blog so everyone can find your reviews. Yes, your links will officially go live! For those who have left me comments about entering in the wrong links, don't worry I'll get to them. I've given myself the task of going through them at the end of January so there won't be duplicates.

If you have any questions give me a shout, otherwise I'll let you all know when the new sign up pages are live.