Monday, November 8, 2010

More and More...

Hey everyone,

Guess what?! It's starting to seem like every day we have a new fellow reader amongst us! I thought I'd post about it and point it out because I know I am pretty excited about that. Off The Shelf is the most popular at the moment, bookworms and hoarding books go together, we're like dragons apparently.

The Steampunk challenge and the Dystopia challenge are on almost equal footing which is also great.

I will be coming to visit your blogs towards or after the end of the month when NaNoWriMo settles down. I'm taking part in it this month (links to my progress are on my blog as well as a widget) which is why I am so quiet visiting people. It's a little hectic... It finishes at the end of the month so when it does I'll pop around and I will be adding all your blogs to my feed reader! I will also be able to finally post my own challenge posts. I figure the hoster needs to take part too don't they?

Keep it up when it comes to spreading the word about the challenges and let your friends know so you can all compare if you want to. I look forward to seeing what you guys post, where you get up to, and what you all end up reading.