Friday, September 3, 2010

Get Steampunked Completion

So you've set out to do the Get Steampunked! challenge, completed it, and are wondering what to do now?

First - Congratulations!

Now, create a completion post on your blog either listing the books you have read or letting everyone know how many you have read, if you've reached your goal or exceeded it, and any other thoughts you might want to add. Then go ahead and post the link into the Mr Linky widget

You can use both your name and your blog name (either or all), sharing your level isn't necessary unless you want to.

And don't worry if you didn't reach your goal, if you feel you're done then what ever you've read will still count as a completion list.

Here's a recap of the levels too;

Challenge Levels

  1. Geared –  Choose 5 books to read
  2. Cogged – Choose 15 books to read
  3. Goggle Mad – Choose 30 books to read
  4. Victorian Lord/Lady – Choose 50 books to read
  5. Steampunked! – Choose 75 books to read
For extra hard challenges
  1. Zephyr Pilot – Choose 75-125 books to read
  2. Inventor – Choose 125-200 books to read

If you're now planning for next year's challenges I'm re-hosting Get Steampunked! and four other ones, but over at my main website. Here's our main FAQ and Challenge list. Thanks for joining in with 2011!